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Book 5 | Letting Go

Breathing new life into organisations


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Letting Go – feedback from readers


I really enjoyed your book and see it as a means for your thinking to be a real force for good – here and elsewhere.

(Jim Mather – April 2014)


My son in law opened the wrapping, read the titles, looked straight at me and said it was the best book present anyone had ever given him. After he had read Letting Go, I got the distinct impression that my standing in his opinion had moved up a little. He is near the end of writing a dissertation for a higher degree in management, and the books were timely, not too late to be useful. (John B Dick - Jan 2014)


I read your book and really enjoyed it and I loved the examples of what is possible from the Patient Safety Programme in Scotland.

(Margaret Williamson – Jan 2014)


Time to re-examine our thinking about management - The authors invite us to value human diversity in practice not just in theory, to sidestep notions of performance management (described by Prof Philip Taylor as "The New Workplace Tyranny") that ignore the importance of context, and to foster working environments where human diversity is valued and our individual abilities are recognized and challenged. They quote some inspiring examples of what is possible.

Valuable reading for anyone who want to breathe new life into their organization.

(Margaret Williamson – Boardroom Development)


I have just finished your book and it was a very enjoyable and worthwhile read. I will certainly be recommending it to many people. I am sure it is a success already.

(David Dale – Jan 2014)


Happy new year! Just wanted to say that I read your book over the holidays and thought it was excellent. Just need to get more people reading it! Interestingly there was a guy from Sweden who was reading the book at the same time, as he kept putting quotes on twitter. His name is Jan Hoglund if you want to look him up.

(Jacqui Mitchell – Jan 2014)


Our organisations as living systems - The book is a brilliant read and identifies what we must let go of in leadership and management before we can change [our] paradigm. The book grabbed my attention from page one and clearly and succinctly puts in to words what I have come to believe in my own paradigm shift.

(Fiona Savage – Dec 2013)


Readable and Uplifting - Having worked in the NHS service myself, I'm very familiar with the problems of measuring the unmeasurable - qualities like empathy, kindness, sensitivity. I've also witnessed the introduction of ever more stringent controls, performance indicators and targets. So I was delighted to read this slim but thoughtful book which advocates a nurturing of communities of workers, embracing the human spirit and fostering interactions based on empathy and earned trust. Nor is this pie in the sky optimism - the system is based on careful scholarship and illustrated with examples of how it has been successfully adopted by large, reputable organisations. A very readable and uplifting book, well worth its modest price.

Hazel "VelvetEthics" (Scotland)


Points the way forward - A well thought-out book, well written and well illustrated with examples and case studies that point the way forward in management thinking beyond command and control approaches. Part of a wider literature on this topic that challenges traditional views on management and looks beyond the obvious to the underlying causes for the dysfunctional systems we see around us. Highly recommended as both insightful and with a charming prose style all of its own. (CH)


Very good indeed - Interesting insight into a worker employee relationship spiralling out of control. Very well worth reading especially by those in public sector.

(Dr John B Cavanagh)