Monday 8th June, 7pm  - 9.30 pm

M137, 1st Floor George Moore Building

Caledonian University

Cowcaddens Road


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Should Scotland follow the example of other countries and limit infants’, children’s and young people’s exposure to WiFi, masts, mobile phones and devices?

Many countries around the world are taking action to reduce infants’, children’s and young people’s exposure to the type of radiation which comes from WIFI, mobile phones and masts. Some are also advising pregnant women to try to minimise their exposure to protect the unborn child. 

The Scottish Government wants Scotland to become the best country in the world to bring up children yet, following Westminster’s lead, we do not take any particular steps to protect the young from WiFi etc. Should we? What evidence is there that this type of radiation, even at permitted levels, may be dangerous to young people’s health and to unborn children?  

These are the questions that we shall explore at this information-giving event which will provide a range of different views and opinions. 

Who should attend?

Parents, grandparents, teachers, headteachers, pre-school workers, childminders, doctors, health visitors, midwives, politicians and anyone involved in the care or education of children.