Raising Spirits

Raising Spirits:
Allotments, well-being & community
Jenny Mollison, Judy Wilkinson & Rona Wilkinson

Allotments, well-being and community

Jenny Mollison, Judy Wilkinson. Rona Wilkinson

Allotments are the unsung story of our times; hidden places for  food, friendship and freedom from the conformity of everyday life. Sites  vary but most encourage plotholders to blossom by developing their  creativity and skills. The authors take us on a fascinating journey  where we learn how allotments came about; why they can make such a  substantial contribution to health, well-being, community, food  production, and the environment; and what's happening with allotments in  other countries. We also learn why we need more of them not just for  food security, wildlife and green therapy but because they teach us all  what matters and how to live better lives.

The second edition includes a fascinating portrait of the  campaign organised by SAGS (Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society) to  ensure that the new Community Empowerment Bill enhanced the legislative  framework for allotments and safeguarded them for the future.

Jenny Mollison has been gardening since childhood.   She has had  an allotment in Musselburgh for over 25 years. She enjoys visiting  other allotments and writes a regular column called 'Allotment Tales'  for The Scotsman.

Judy Wilkinson is a member of the Scottish Allotments and  Gardens Society and Policy Officer on the Glasgow Allotments Forum. She  has tended an allotment in Glasgow for the last 40 years.

Rona Wilkinson grew up on her parents' allotment. Her career in  renewable energy and community development covers land usage, social and  economic issues and working with communities at home and abroad.Jenny Mollison, Judy Wilkinson. Rona WilkinsonJenny Mollison, Judy Wilkinson. Rona Wilkinson