scots' crisis of confidence


Carol Craig

Companion volume to The Tears that made the Clyde

In this brand new edition, Carol Craig

examines again Scots’ attitutes to and

predeliction for negativity. She offers a

refreshingly different analysis of the big

themes of Scottish culture. Already a

successful book, it is rewritten in parts

and brought up to date, reflecting

Scotland’s changing political position.

Campanion volume to The Tears that

Made the Clyde – wellbeing in Glasgow.

“(Craig) passionately wants to bring

Scots out of their shells, be all they can

be, accept themselves and each other

for what they are.”

Iain Macwhirter, Sunday Herald

“This is a brave book, a stimulating

book, a ground-breaking book. It should

shake this little nation to its foundations

and smash its complacency.”

Harry Reid, The Herald