Shaping our Global Future

Shaping our Global Future:
A guide for young people
Derek Brown

A guide for young people

Derek Brown

Young people worry about the future world they will live in:  personal futures, families and jobs. But they also worry about their  global futures. The possibilities and challenges ahead appear  overwhelming. It can be difficult to get a good understanding of things  when experts disagree.

By the year 2100, human beings will have had to deal with some  major global challenges; for example, wars and terrorism, pandemics,  climate change and lack of resources. To tackle such problems, we shall  have to build on our successes so far. We need to learn to solve these  global challenges and face things that threaten our collective future.

This guide to human achievements and future challenges is  designed to help young people consider the future their children and  grandchildren will inhabit. The author, Derek Brown, presents the book  as a letter to his 16 year-old daughter thus making it accessible and  informal. It is written as a map of ideas about future global issues,  with links to articles and reports available on-line, thus allowing  young people to explore issues for themselves.

Biographical details

Derek Brown is a teacher whose first job in international  education shaped his ideas about the importance of global citizenship.  Back in Scotland, he led a government funded project to promote  education for global citizenship - the Inspiring Enquiring Minds  project. Latterly, he was a head teacher in Aberdeen and currently works  as Head of Education in a Scottish local authority, where one of his  key roles is to help young people achieve positive outcomes from their  education. Education for future citizenship has always been a key theme  in his work. However, he writes this book in a private capacity - more  as a father than an educator - and he dedicates his Postcard from  Scotland to his 16 year old daughter to help her face the challenges,  and opportunities, of our global future.

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