The Tears that made the clyde


Well-being in Glasgow

Carol Craig

Carol Craig  subjects Glasgow's post-industrial image as 'Scotland with style' to a  long-overdue and honest scrutiny. The city's motto rings out 'Let  Glasgow Flourish' yet this book powerfully shows that many citizens  languish as a result of mental ill-health, physical illness,  deprivation, worklessness, gangs, drink, drugs and family breakdown. 

The  damaging effects of pronounced inequality and the corrosive dynamic  which emerged within many families are exposed in powerful prose, backed  by assiduous research and clear argument.  Blending history, politics, literature, sociology and psychology this important book changes forever the way we see the city.  Essential reading for anyone  concerned with Glasgow and Scotland and for those interested in healing a  fractured society. 

"An exhilarating brew...stimulating, provocotive and, yes, uncomfortable"

Tom Devine

"A vital contribution to the debate about the causes of Glasgow's health and social problems"

Phil Hanlon

"Urgent, blistering, cerebral and passionate, her analysis is bleak but ultimately achieves an unlikely hope"

Harry Reid