The Golden Mean

The Golden Mean: 
Fostering young people’s resilience, confidence and well-being
Morag Kerr (Editor)

Fostering young people’s resilience, confidence and well-being

Morag Kerr 

Fostering young people’s resilience, confidence and well-being.  How do we encourage children and young people and help foster the  skills they need to thrive in our increasingly complex world? This  insightful and stimulating collection provides a compelling answer. We  need to provide a healthy balance between support and challenge – ‘the  golden mean’.

Alan McLean provides the psychological rationale for why this  balance is so important. Carol Craig explains how parents in Scotland  have gone ‘from one extreme to another’ and how rebalancing would  benefit both parents and children. Sue Palmer argues cogently that play  provides children with what they need to thrive. Other authors show how  support and challenge is an integral part of their projects. Young  people themselves provide the testimony that such approaches do indeed  foster resilience, confidence and well-being.

This rich and vibrant collection is timely, relevant and highly accessible.

Ruth Mackay, secondary headteacher

Excellent - an accessible read providing Scottish insights on developing resilience in children and young people.

Tam Baillie, formerly Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People

… this small but powerful book, draws on the  experience of an accomplished cadre of practitioners who have been  immersed in the field.

Derek Goldman, educational consultant

… challenging, informative … and immensely hopeful

Derek Rodger, former youth worker

Morag Kerr is a Support for Learning tutor and a Bounce Back! trainer

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