The New Road

The New Road:
Charting Scotland's inspirational communities.
Alf Young and Ewan Young

Charting Scotland's inspirational communities

Alf Young / Ewan Young

A father and son go on a week long journey round Scotland to see  at first hand some of the great environmental, social, employment and  regeneration projects which are happening. From Dunbar in the south east  of Scotland to Knoydart in the north west they meet people involved in  projects which demonstrate new ways of living.

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Postcards from Scotland is a series of short books designed to stimulate and communicate new thinking and ways of living.

Alf Young writes, broadcasts and comments on a range of issues.  He retired in 2009 from the Herald where he was responsible for comment  and opinion. He writes a Saturday column for the Scotsman and is a  regular contributor to BBC current affairs programmes. He is currently  chairman of Riverside Inverclyde and of Social Investment Scotland and  an economic adviser to the Scottish Council for Development and  Industry.

Ewan Young works as Development Officer for the Ullapool  Community Trust. Sustainable living is one of his passions. Holding  degrees in Planning and Environmental Sustainability, he lives near  Ullapool with his wife, Merlin.

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