Right from the start

Right from the Start:
Investing in parents and babies
Alan Sinclair

Investing in parents and babies

Alan Sinclair

Scotland languishes in the second division of global child  well-being. One child in every four is judged to be ‘vulnerable’ when  they enter primary school. How can this be in a nation where  politicians’ aim is to ‘make Scotland the best place in the world to  bring up children’?

In this powerful, sometimes shocking, book Alan Sinclair  reveals the harm inflicted on so many of our youngest, most defenceless  citizens through a toxic mix of poor parenting, bad health and a society  focused on dealing with consequences rather than causes.

He explores the latest science which lays bare the traumas that  babies can suffer from their parents’ behaviours and habits, even while  still in the womb. And he starkly explains why we lag so far behind  most of our European neighbours when it comes to loving young children.

But Sinclair also sets out a routemap for us to  start putting children first in our society, by helping us all to become  better parents. 

a must read for every Scottish citizen Jackie Brock,  Chief Executive Children in Scotland

understand this message and we have grounds for optimism

Matt Forde, Head of NSPCC Scotland

Alan Sinclair does Scotland and beyond a great  service in writing this book Professor John Frank,  Director Scottish  Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy

Alan Sinclair created the Glasgow-based Wise Group, the UK’s  first social enterprise dedicated to providing jobs for long-term  unemployed people. He has spent a decade investigating our national  parenting challenge.